Trinity Laban presents: Half a Sixpence

Step into the world of Arthur Kipps and his life story filled with hard work, self-identity, romance, and wealth.

TUE 15 JUNE \19:30 (Cast Flash)
WED 16 JUNE \19:30 (Cast Bang)
THU 17 JUNE \19:30 (Cast Wallop)
FRI 18 JUNE \19:30 (Cast Bang)
SAT 19 JUNE \14:30 (Cast Flash) & 19:30 (Cast Wallop)

Cast Flash

Anne: Shahdai
Kipps: Joseph Riley
Sid: Adam Pugh
Flo \ Lady Dacre: Emily Proudlock
Helen: Lottie Lester
Mrs. Walsingham: Holly McConville
Chitterlow: Jacob Kohli
James \ Policeman: Oliver Cartwright
Buggins: Morag Mayland
Pierce: Donal MacAuley
Lady Punnet \ Student \ Waiter: Emily Rayner
Uncle Bert \ Student: Raoul Mahjneh
Aunt Susan \ Mrs Bindo\ Botting \ Student: Beth McKinnon
Shalford \ Photographer (cast Flash only) \ Mr Mawell \ Waiter: George Boutsikas
Carshot \ Foster \ Waiter: Olivia Lawrence

Cast Bang

Anne: Rosie Meek
Kipps: Cassius Hackforth
Sid: Finn McKeever
Flo \ Lady Dacre: Natasha Hall
Helen: Dani Brennan
Mrs. Walsingham: Emily Louise Cox
Chitterlow: Reuben Browne
James \ Policeman: Joshua Fudge
Buggins: Cameron Staines
Pierce: Louis Quinn
Lady Punnet \ Student \ Waiter: Lydia Roberts
Uncle Bert \ Student: Finton Thomas Flynn
Aunt Susan \ Mrs Bindo \ Botting \ Student: Lara Virtanen
Shalford \ Mr Mawell \ Waiter: Harry Thomas
Carshot \ Foster \ Waiter: Poppy Dean (Playing Maxwell)
Police \ Photographer \ Waiter: Eva Hope

Cast Wallop

Anne: Aimée McQueen
Kipps: Robbie Alexander
Sid: James Whyte
Flo \ Lady Dacre: Jessie Hadley
Helen: Phoebe Bryant
Mrs. Walsingham: Esther Cox
Chitterlow: Alice Hinde
James \ Policeman: Ewan Jones
Buggins: Dan Lane
Pierce: Louis Quinn
Lady Punnet \ Student \ Waiter: Jack Etheridge
Uncle Bert \ Student: Ellie Drayton
Aunt Susan \ Mrs Bindo \ Botting \ Student: Ana Wilson
Shalford \ Mr Mawell \ Waiter: Ashley Stott
Carshot \ Foster \ Waiter: Moo-Yi Kim
Police \ Photographer \ Waiter: Jessica Johns Parsons

Tickets: £10

Dates and times

This event finished on 19 June 2021.

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