Graduate School Showcase


Manuela Albrecht | Body Polyphonies
MON 18 JUL, 12:30
Studio Theatre, Laban Building

Esther Perry | Arrhythmia
MON 18 JUL, 16:30
Laban Theatre

Brett Palaschuk | Living Room Tapes
TUE 19 JUL, 12:30
Greenwich West Community Centre SOLD OUT

Giulia Roversi| La Prepotenza del Vento
TUE 19 JUL, 13:30
Laban Theatre

Claudia Marciano | Burn the Witch
TUE 19 JUL, 16:30
Studio Theatre, Laban Building

Peter Machen | "I’m going to tell you....”
TUE 19 JUL, 17:30
Laban Theatre

Antonia Grove | Holy Moly Mother of Chaos
WED 20 JUL, 12:30
Laban Theatre

Isidro Ridout-Tavares | Sisyphus
WED 20 JUL, 14:00
PL1 - Laurie Grove

Mengyu Zhang | From September
WED 20 JUL, 17:00
Laban Theatre

Yun Cheng | The Unconditioned
THU 21 JUL, 17:30
Studio Theatre, Laban Building

Irene Miguel | SPACE, EARTH & FIRE
THU 21 JUL, 14:00
Laban Theatre

Jamal White | Dealing with Gravity: A Lecture Demonstration
THU 21 JUL, 12:30
PL1 - Laurie Grove

Lauren Auyeung | The Erotic is a Feedback Loop
FRI 22 JUL, 14:30
PL2 - Laurie Grove

Franziska Boehm | for expressions sake
FRI 22 JUL, 14:30
Laban Theatre

Ifigeneia Christodoulou | ‘outward’
MON 25 JUL, 13:30
Laban Theatre

Clark Avery Griffin | Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi, DIY, Sci-Fi: An Experimental Pop Concert
MON 25 JUL, 14:30
PL1 - Laurie Grove

Genevieve Shultz | Closer?
TUE 26 JUL, 12:30
Laban Theatre

Sjaan van de Langenberg | Rotations and revolutions
TUE 26 JUL, 14:30
Studio Theatre, Laban Building

Lydia Ciaffone | Trace as The Ghost
TUE 26 JUL, 17:00
Laban Theatre

Keri Lushefski | Hypnagogic Hallucinations
WED 27 JUL, 14:00
Laban Theatre

Maya Takeda | Landmess | SOLD OUT
WED 27 JUL, 17:00
Studio Theatre, Laban Building

Kun Yang | Who destroyed the painting?
WED 27 JUL, 18:00
Laban Theatre

Jess McArdle | Tuning Out
WED 27 JUL, 20:00
Fuel Tank, 8-12 Creekside, London SE8 3DX

Mia Schmidt | leitmotivs of capitalism through bodily surveillance
THU 28 JUL, 13:30
Laban Theatre

Robbie Bird | "An exploration of memory"
THU 28 JUL, 16:00
Laban Theatre

Across two weeks, the Faculty of Dance presents new work from artists studying on various masters and research degree programmes. The work is experimental and investigative in nature, drawing on collaborative and interdisciplinary practices and arising from choreographic and performance-making research. Students are working across various media, using live performance, film and video, installation and documentary processes.

The showcase features events in different sites and spaces and does not follow traditional theatre programming – the audience can expect to find work in a whole range of different settings.

Laban Building and Laurie Grove
Admission free, ticket required

Dates and times

This event finished on 28 July 2022.

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