Lunchtime Concert: Trinity Laban Pianists

FRI 03 JUN 13.05

Take time out this lunchtime for a performance by Trinity Laban student pianists Jessica Wu and Milda Vitartaite in the beautiful surroundings of the Old Royal Naval College Chapel.

R. Schumann Papillons, Op.2
Chopin Scherzo No. 2 in B-Flat Minor Op.31

2 Poèmes, Op.69
I. Allegretto
II. Allegretto
2 Poèmes, Op.71
I. Fantastique (Fantastic)
II. En rêvant (Dreaming)

Douglas Finch
Preludes and Afterthoughts - Fantasy-transcriptions on Chopin's Preludes Op.28
I. Premonition (Prelude in E-Minor)
II. Memory 1 (Prelude in A-Major)
III. Dream (Prelude in A-Major)
IV. Whirlwinds and Sighs (Preludes in B Flat-Minor and E-Minor)
V. Memory 2 (Prelude in A Flat-Major)
VI. Dirge-Canon (Prelude in C-Minor)
VII. Rounds (Preludes in A Flat-Major, A-Major and E-Minor)

Yui Man (Jessica) Wu started learning piano at the age of 3. Being a Hong-Kong born pianist, she is currently based in London. She is now studying as a second-year student of the Master of Music Piano Performance programme at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance under the tutelage of Professor Mikhail Kazakevich. During her studies in Trinity, Jessica actively took part in performances including Whose Theme is it, Anyway? (2021) and the Piano & Voice Festival (2021). During Whose Theme is it, Anyway? concert, Jessica and her fellow schoolmates improvised based on a theme provided by live and online audience. Being provided with one of the most famous paintings, The Starry Night by Van Gogh, as the theme of improvisation, they spontaneously created music at the concert. At Piano & Voice Festival concert, she performed a famous composition of Chopin, Ballade no. 1 in G minor, Op. 23. In addition to her passion in piano performance, Jessica is passionate in English choral tradition. She has 13 years of choral experience and conducted at a choral concert in Hong Kong. For more information about Jessica, please visit

Milda Vitartaite is a classical and contemporary pianist, composer, and collaborator from Lithuania. She is currently doing a Master's in Piano Performance under the tuition of Douglas Finch, supported by the Trinity College London, and the Alfred and Therese Kitchen scholarships. Milda is a passionate contemporary music performer, constantly engaged in collaborations with different artists, recording and performing new works. Milda is a member of Terra Invisus - A London-based contemporary music trio, which explores contemporary music, free improvisation, and commissions new works. Milda’s own compositions usually include elements from different disciplines, like dance, or speech. Her work ‘Plastic Bag Odyssey’ (2020), written in collaboration with contemporary dancer Vaidimante Grudyte, was well received in Lithuania and has been attracting invitations from different festivals and events since. Some of her newest works will be presented at this year’s New Lights Festival at Trinity Laban.

Old Royal Naval College Chapel
Admission free, no ticket required

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This event finished on 03 June 2022.

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