Rude Health Composition Festival

MON 12 DEC, 18:00-19:00
WED 14 DEC, 18:15-20:00 (Doors Open 18:00)
THU 15 DEC, 18:00-20:00

An experimental festival of new music and innovative performances from Trinity Laban’s acclaimed composition students. For 2022, the festival will present creative responses to the climate crisis. Expect the unexpected with installation, multimedia events and music at the cutting edge of sound.

Always challenging, often provocative: come and hear the most adventurous musical ideas in three unpredictable sonic and artistic events.

King Charles Court | Various Spaces

Programme Details

MON 12 DEC, 18:00-19:00
Primal Identities

A curated evening of raw emotion and experimenting with the senses.

No Breadcrumbs composed by Angus McMeekin
Performers - TBC
Carne Room

Is war in the cards? composed by Ana Geoghegan
Performers - Will Rolt, Lily Dumain Galan, Sam Pugh, Joe Bartrick
Theatre Studio

In These Caves composed by Polina Savicka
Performers - Miro Treharne, Gloria Rappo, Roxanne Watts, Liam Roberts, Betsy Selsner, Polina Savicka, Rachel Bartley, Francesca Roe
Peacock Room

Tick composed by Archie McMorran
Performers - Archie McMorran, Iris Rushbrooke, Juliet Beadle, Charlotte Jackson, Louisa Broad
Carne Room

I Can See You With My Eyes Closed composed by Zach Wolf Quenum
Performers- Will Rolt, Andrew Lidell, Lily Dumain Galan, Roxanne Watts, Scarlett Jones, Zachary Quenum
Peacock Room

Voyager composed by Melvin Chan
Performers- Jake Phillips, Christie Smith, Jai Patel, Andrew Liddell, Will Rolt, Jingwen Ma, Lydia Elderfield, Enju Liu, Melvin Chan, Tim Li, Raymond Wui Man Yiu, Ethan Sweeting, Andres Miranda, Ben Woolford, Alisa Brooks, Ben Pattinson, Finch Ashwood, Lily Monique Conway Goutines, Max Jacques Conway Goutines, Rosie Brighton, Renée Walton, Roxanne Shini, Tom Bradbury, Victoria Yeo, Anna Krinitcina, Afnan Iman, Chris Charlton, Ingrid He, Yujie Yang, Ying Lin
Theatre Studio

WED 14 DEC, 18:15-20:00 (Doors Open 18:00)
Second floor corridor, King Charles Court

Journeys happen in different ways, in different aspects of society and life, in different worlds. In this event, the composers interpret this subject with their own particular focus and present the idea of journeys in several different ways.

On the Train composed by Theodore Karpinski
Performers - Thomas Hughes and others (tbc)

Genesis composed by Alex Cho
Performers - Hannah Tate, Vivien Króner, Ben Harlan, Alex Cho

Siblings composed by Tom Bradbury
Performers - Andrew Liddell, Willian Rolt, Jamie Elless, Sam Pugh, Georgina Taylor, Stephanie Clark, Betsy Selner, Hanna Wozniak, Zehao Zhou, Marika Tsuchiya, Dan McKay, Jacob, Smallwood, Cameron Reed

Eventyr composed by Cameron Reed
Performers - Ben Harlan, Cameron Reed, Andrew Liddell, Hannah Tate, Marika Tsuchiya

Labyrinthitis composed and performed by Eleanor Westbrook and Morad Kashef

Cantos de vaquería composed by Eliana Echeverry
Performers - Stephanie Clark and Emma Gerrett

“Delete progress?” composed by Hibiki Takata
Performers - Jamie Elless, Kornélia Nemcová, Rebecca Burden, Ethan Sweeting, Hibiki Takata

THU 15 DEC, 18:00-20:00

Blue composed by Samby
Performers - Lydia Kinowski-Don, Iris Rushbrooke, Marika Tsuchiya, Isaac Onyirioha, Ashley Solano Hernandez, Finch Ashwood
Theatre Studio takes a while to wash someone else's sweat from your clothes composed by Kornélia Nemcová
Performers - Marika Tsuchiya, Lulu Vallejo, Amy Miller, Martha Clayton

Whilst the world transposes composed by Charlotte Jackson
Performers - Juliet Beadle, Amadea Topalli, Isaac Onyirioha, Lily Dumain, Charlotte Jackson
Carne Room

Fruits de la mer by Finch Ashwood
Performers - Molly Barratt-Steene, Samby Anderson, Lily Dumain, Andrew John Liddell
Theatre Studio

Synthetic Brasscomposed by Spike Poole
Performers - Iris Rushbrooke, Adam Hird, Jared Little, Danny Sampson, Adam Zadi
Mackerras Room

I AM A MAN composed by Max Conway Goutines
Performers - Andrew Liddell, Anna Grace Byrn, Laura Moisey Gray, Lily Dumain, Lily Hope, Sam Pugh, Kornélia Nemcová, Amy Miller, Jade Lemon, Maria Loizidou, Samantha Penner
Peacock Room

The Last Generation: Anno 2022
Performers - Andrew Liddell, Laura Moisey Gray, Lydia Wang, William Rolt, Marika Tsuchiya, Anna Cameli
Carne Room

Dates and times

This event finished on 15 December 2022.

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