CoLab 2023 Week One: Laban Building Showcase

FRI 17 FEB 2023, 19:00-21:30

Join us for an evening filled with performances as Trinity Laban students share the projects they have been devising during the first week of CoLab 2023. Find the full programme, running order and studio locations here

19:00-19:30 – Laban Theatre

The evening begins with TaSTE (Tracking and Smart Textiles Environments) at the Laban Theatre. Initiated by Professor Megumi Masaki from Brandon University and Dr Bob Pritchard from The University of British Columbia, the project explores technologies that capture physical movement, transforming the human body into a musical instrument, and a musical instrument into movement.

19:30-21:00 – various dance studios

A special highlight in this year’s CoLab is a collaboration with the University of Southern California (USC). In Laban Studio 13, you can see three collaborations between USC choreographers and TL composers between 19:30-21:00.

CoLab 05. This is a Debate*
CoLab 06. Intergenerational Traffic*
CoLab 07. Our Sh*tty Utopia: An Interactive Exhibition*
*USC X TL project series

Other projects include: CoLab 26. Brave New World, CoLab 22. MOVE THE LIGHT - A taste on Vjing, CoLab 42. Babel REVISED, CoLab 27. RE:SENSE, CoLab 25. Exploring the Whale, CoLab 85. The Most Perfect Crab Anyone Has Ever Seen, CoLab 72. A Place that We Belong, and CoLab 69. Creating an art exhibition

21:00-21:30 – Laban Theatre

The evening concludes with CoLab 14. Music to Move to: Jazz & Improvisation, a project led by Paul Clark and Suzy Willson from Clod Ensemble. This project investigates how musicians and dancers can learn from each other to create something beyond the sum of its parts. A wonderful training to develop stage presence and improvisation skills.

Laban Building, SE8 3DZ
Free admission, booking required

Dates and times

This event finished on 17 February 2023.

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